Toddle In

We are so sorry to announce that under the present circumstances we are cancelling Toddle In with immediate effect until further notice.

If there is anything we can do in the circumstances or if you are worried and would like to chat to someone, or if you are isolated and would like a regular phone conversation for a bit of company, please let me know and we will try our best to support each other through this time.

We will keep you updated as  things develop.

On behalf of the Toddle In team


Toddle-in is a part of the youth and children’s work of Ford’s Lane church and we run two sessions.  Tuesday and Wednesday 10-11:30am.  Due to waiting list sizes, we can only offer a place at one of these sessions per family.

The aim of Toddle In is to encourage your children to try a wide variety of play experiences in a safe, non-threatening environment and to gradually make the transition from individual, solitary play to being able to be part of a small group, with the turn-taking and co-operation with others that this will involve.  Also, and very importantly, it is a place where parents, grandparents and carers can relax and enjoy a time of sharing with each other, confident that the children are safe.

Starting anywhere new can be very daunting so here’s what to expect from a typical morning:

Registration – please tick the register and put £1.50 per family in the box.  Please could you also make sure that your contact details are on the sheet, just in case we should need to reach you, and that your child’s birthday is on the sheet to enable us to be prepared each week.

Tea & Coffee – You are welcome to coffee or tea and biscuits throughout the morning, but please be aware of the little ones and keep hot drinks away from them.

Playtime – Children are free to play in any of the areas and to have a go at the art activities.  We try to vary the materials we work with each week so that they can have fun with paint, glue etc and not worry about the mess!

Tidy-up time – 11 O’clock is tidy up time, this is usually a little chaotic because things have to be put away so quickly.  You can help by putting the equipment in the area in which your child is playing, in the named boxes.

Snack time – After tidy-up, we have a healthy snack which varies weekly.  This time is used to encourage children to sit at the table, try different foods and to take turns.

Song time – The morning finishes with singing, again to encourage children to listen, join in, sit for a short time and have fun.  This is an important time and we ask you to be part of this and encourage your child to take part.

Library – We have a Toddle In lending library, with books kindly donated by individuals who attend Ford’s Lane Church.  The books can be borrowed for a period of two weeks at a time.

If you’d like to find out more or enquire about coming along please contact:

Ros                 07973 732570

Lauren             07963 873037
Dorothy           07874 656950